Bone Broth Bonanza


I like alliterations.  That’s a side note.

I’ve been struggling recently with my health.  I haven’t been taking care of myself, I’ve been eating foods I know hurt my system and have just been making bad food choices in general.  So, with an upcoming physical coming, and not wanting to be lectured terribly by my doctor, I decided it was time to start getting back on track!

First step: Inflammation and Gut Health

When I eat wheat my body gets mad at me.  This comes in the form of digestion distress (gas, bloating, etc.).  If I continue, it starts to pop up in more painful ways like inflammation in my shoulder and hands.  Then there’s the symptoms that kind of fall under the radar like headaches and tiredness.

Solution: Cutting out the junk and adding in good stuff!

I began by making a crockpot full of bone broth to drink all week.  If you’ve never made bone broth before, it’s VERY simple.  After enjoying a baked chicken dinner or simply making a baked whole chicken and shredding the meat off for use later, place the bones (they can still have some meat and  skin on them) in a crockpot.  Cut up an onion, a few carrots and stalks of celery throw them in.  Then cover with as much water as possible and cook on low for 8-12 hours.  After that, strain it and use in soups or just drink it by itself!

Bone broth has AMAZING health benefits!  Especially in healing a sad gut.  But here’s a few more:


Photo credit

My crockpot ended up yielding 14 cups of broth!

To build off of the goodness of this broth, I found this delicious soup recipe that included a ton of other anti-inflammatory foods:

Turmeric Broth Detox Soup

It includes a few variations.  I chose to include cauliflower, kale and some of the chicken I shredded off my bones for my broth.  I shared it with a friend for lunch and we both couldn’t get enough of it!  (Thankfully it made a big batch and I get to eat it all week for lunch!)


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  1. Denise says:

    Words to live by. Nice read.

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