Seeing your Resolutions Through

I cook most of my meals myself. It’s cheaper and I just love to cook. It’s fun for me and that’s that. But I do realize that is not the case for everyone. And even on days when I’ve got way more on my plate than I can handle, cooking a nutritious home-cooked meal is the thing that normally gets bumped first off of my to-do list. When that happens, you don’t have to throw in the towel and be doomed to a meal out that has little in the way of nutrition and a lot in the way of unnecessary fats and carbs.
This week on I wrote on how to help yourself out when you either don’t have the time or just aren’t in the mood to cook a healthy meal at home. Takeout does not have to mean you’re throwing up the white flag. Just use some of my tips, and give yourself a break.

See Your Resolutions Through – How to Order Healthier Takeout



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